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Study Reveals How to Boost Energy, Enhance Mood & Reduce Tension

There are numerous problems in modern-day day life. The key ones are – low energy levels, tension and stress, depression.

These might not seem to be big problems but they’re in fact rather dangerous. If another person is afflicted with depression, that individual could even consider putting an end to his or maybe the life of her. Feelings of boredom and loneliness can make people go crazy.

Stress is among the biggest problems of contemporary life. It can lead to several additional issues. Stress is able to impact relationships, can certainly result in divorce, can give you sleepless nights, allow you to short tempered and rob the gratification out of life.

energy which are Lower can lead to under performance, impact the careers of yours, even cause dissatisfaction and resentment in relationships, make you frustrated, weaken immune system etc.

So we have to find out successful solutions for these above problems. If we can solve these 3 problems, a lot of other problems shall be automatically solved. Fortunately for us, psychologist Robert Thayer and Smiley time herbals colleagues from California State University did a research on this particular issue.

They conducted a study to determine which techniques were powerful to increase energy levels, improve moods and reduce tension. The study did not uncover any secret strategies. Rather, Thayer as well as colleagues found out that a few very simple activities are able to have great effect for solving these 3 big problems.

Allow me to share some of the activities which were found to be useful for dealing with low energy, stress and bad moods:

1. Exercises: It is surprising how an easy thing like exercising can have such an effect on all three major problems of our contemporary life. Exercises can help immensely in making the moods of ours better, enhancing the self esteem of ours, raising our energy. They’re also good for stress reduction.

1. Exercises:

2. Interpersonal Interaction:

3. Distractions:

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