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What is the difference between a regular and a featured listing?

A featured listing will have a “Featured” badge associated with it. Additionally, it will be pinned at the top of the search results with other featured listings. Also, it will be a part of a featured listing carousel on top of the listings’ directory. Lastly, the featured listings will be showcased on the Kosaa Home page to further increase customer outreach.

What is the difference between listing image and gallery?

Listing images are the ones that will be a part of the thumbnail carousel for the listing. Whereas, a gallery is a place for the designer to showcase their portfolio or their past projects.

How is Contact Owner different from displaying contact number?

A listing that has a Contact Owner feature will include a contact form where a user can enter their name and message. Then, it will be sent to the email id of the listing’s author.

What are tags and categories?

Tags and categories, both make it easier for users to find your listing. On one hand, categories are a more wide grouping where you can select what kind of industry you are a part of. Whereas, tags are a more fine-grained grouping detailing your design style.