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Salvia Divinorum – Medicine Or even Poison?

By May 12, 2023No Comments

As 2012 is approaching so is all the doomsday talk. Doomsday Cult people state the governing administration is attempting to ban salvia divinorum to prevent people from “seeing.” They go on stating that this’s a direct violation of their religious right.

Researchers, herbalists, mental health specialists, and especially addicts are displaying interest in a Mexican sacramental herb that contains an anti-addictive pain killer which can possibly get people off other addicting substances. Salvia Divinorum references show the way the herb is able to address alcohol, best kratom brands (www.Orlandomagazine.Com) amphetamine addiction, tobacco and nicotine, morphine, opiate heroin and cocaine.

Salvinorin A may be the first known naturally occurring non nitrogenous full kappa opioid receptor agonist, and it is the one diterpenoid compound recognized to have activity in this important receptor. This has recently opened up enormous brand new places for investigation in diterpenoid pharmacology which presents a prospective molecular target for the improvement of herbs for treatment of disorders characterized by alterations in perception, including schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s bipolar disorder and disease.

At exactly the same time some States are seeking to ban Salvia. Most are failing in their attempts due to the absence of support from the voters.

Scientists are considering medicinal uses for Using Salvia Divinorum in treating a variety of medical and psychological problems to include:


Drug Addictions






Continual Pain



And many others

The medicinal future is promising for Salvia Divinorum as well as those people that are struggling as long as government allows the logical researchers do the work of theirs. Thus far the Federal government hasn’t shown any interest in criminalizing the plant.

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