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Focus on Your Eye Health

By May 12, 2023No Comments

This amazing weeks focus is on eye health and what could be done to maintain and extend the eye health of yours through daily vitamin and food options.

In an Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) sponsored by the National Eye Institute, the study concluded that in order to reduce the chance of getting advanced age related macular degeneration, by about twenty five %, you need to take high levels of antioxidants and sightcare opticians ( site) zinc. The study used a specific amount of vitamin as well as mineral dosages every single day with a percentage of the directly followed 3,600 participants.

The dosages that had been provided to the individuals and are suggested are those of the “AREDS Formulation”:

Additionally according to the AREDS, to have the high levels of minerals and vitamins inside the AREDS Formulation in almost impossible with a good diet. The application of vitamin as well as mineral supplements is strongly recommended.

For yet another common eye disease, Cataracts, the AREDS Formulation seems like it would be helpful also.

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