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Cod Liver Oil – Real Health benefits For the entire Family

By May 17, 2023No Comments

Have you generally assumed that cod liver oil was solely for the older folk? Effectively you better think again. Scientists go now ( believe it’s several important uses outside of the easing of stiff bones and you might be benefiting from them today.

Used by North Sea fishermen for centuries & fed to wartime babies, cod liver oil is familiar to the majority of us for the comfort of arthritic problems. Over several decades now, detailed research has established the key properties of its while research that is ongoing has become confirming a lot of long-held beliefs about its advantages.

1 year agoCod liver oil contains:

Vitamin A – vital for the immune system, cell regeneration, night vision as well as bone growth.

5 Apps and Strategies To Get You Reading More - Ambition ResourceVitamin A

Vitamin D – required by the body for the absorption as well as use of potassium and calcium for bone development.

Vitamin D

Omega 3 fatty acids – particularly, two fats, EPA and DHA have been highlighted as essential in the fight against coronary heart disease. These natural properties are known by professionals to experience a wide range of positive effects on the entire body. These include:

Omega three fatty acids

Healthy skin

Enhanced resistance to infection

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