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Cod Fish Oil – The #1 Problem With a lot of Cod Fish Liver Oil Supplements

By May 17, 2023No Comments

If you have been using cod fish oil for it’s omega-3 fatty acid advantages, then you may want to start thinking about switching supplements.  This guide discusses why you need to reconsider what you’re taking or try to avoid cod fish liver oil all together.

In case you have arthritis, then you are able to really benefit from taking this sort of supplement.  The rewards of it for relieving the cramps and pains that come with some joint diseases are popular and continue to be strong.

however, many men and women are under the suggestion that there’s a heap of EPA and DHA omega 3 fats in cod fish oil.  But in fact, there’s significantly less in this sort of supplement afterward quality fish oil supplements.

The typical capsule of this type of supplement just include around 100mg of both EPA and DHA omega-3.  To get the suggested dosage of DHA and EPA, you would have to take around four of those capsules one day!

Plus, they have a tendency to consist of much more EPA omega-3 than DHA omega-3.  In terms of bio-availability (the capability for the body to easily-absorb nutrients), pick there the become more DHA than EPA.  On top of this, the brain itself consists of thirty % DHA.

But that is not even the major problem with cod fish liver oil…

What you actually have to be mindful of is overdosing on vitamin A or Vitamin D.  Because of the excessive amounts of these vitamins in cod fish oil, you can easily go now over the suggested dietary allowance of each, particularly when you take it in liquid form.

The truth is, women that are pregnant are recommended not to actually get it all together because of it is high vitamin A levels.  They are also worried about the fact that you can find contaminants that are present in many brands.

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