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Boost Your Mood With Dry Body Brushing

Got the blues? Been experiencing in a funk and simply cannot get out and don’t find out how? Try dry body brush (dry skin brushing) as a fast and effective way to beat the blues away. Dried up body brushing has benefits which are numerous, at least one the invigorating feeling that results out of the brushing. Your overall, blood, and skin health gain by doing this for just a few minutes each day time before you shower.

Our skin is the biggest organ of our body, yet usually neglected. We hardly ever think about what we can do to take care of it besides slathering on some cream. Dry body brushing is the most natural and effective way to immediately start to see and feeling results throughout the entire body.

Some Benefits:

Several Benefits:

Blood Pressure Monitors | ACES | Margaret Barse | FlickrWhen you start to dry brush the heart rate of yours is going to increase just slightly enough to get the blood moving in the early morning and invigorate you. The sensation of the brushing, together with getting the blood of yours flowing, lifts the mood of yours instantly. You will feel energized & completely ready for use, and when you shower you’ll sense that a complete new, refreshed you.

Consider your lymph to get part of the filtration system of the body of yours, moving nutrients cells and through blood and moving toxins out. Helping the lymphatic system function of yours at its optimum level helps prevent toxic buildup in the blood, cells and organs. You’ll get started cleaning the body of yours internally just by brushing the outside.

What brush to use


Blood Pressure Monitors | ACES | Margaret Barse | FlickrHow to dry clean your body

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